11.22.14 WOW! Thanks to everyone who came out lastnight. Roxx on Main is a great place to enjoy good music and good food. Nice folks and a real music loving atmosphere. Bill had a great time and it looks like he will probably be back there after the holidays, maybe February. Special thanks to all the folks who traveled from far away.

I may have some album news in the near future, perhaps a chance to get a little sampling of what is in the works. So keep checking back. And if you're not on the email list, get on it!

11.12.14 Gig Update! The folks at Roxx on Main suggest making reservations so give them a call if you're planning on coming out to the gig.

9.26.14 Whoo Hoo! Got a bit of news about gigs, recording, mixing, and more. Bill's got a gig coming up in November (see live page for details) and may feature of a few songs songs from the album that is actually coming together. Bill has been working with his good buddy and sound designer extraordinaire Sterling. It is sounding awesome.

Kasim Sulton has a new CD coming out October 25th and it features one of Bill's songs "Too Much on Her Mind". Kasim began his career playing keyboards for Cherry Vanilla before playing bass in Utopia for a decade. He has since played on stage with artists as diverse as Meat Loaf, Todd Rundgren, Joan Jett, Hall and Oates, Richie Sambora, Mick Jagger and Jon Bon Jovi. He has also played and / or sung on over 100 albums. Bill is honored that Kasim chose to put it on his album.

8.11.14 Oh, Robin. The Hormone Blues will never be the same.

1.28.14 If you haven't received the email about the upcoming gig please sign up for the email list. If you have received it please, please, please send it on to anyone you think might be interested in a night of great music. I updated the shows page with bio info on Mike McFadden so click over and learn.

12.31.13 Another year dies and we are just jazzed about what's on track for 2014 (more on that later). Bill will be playing at the end of February at the Monkey House in Berkeley, see the live page for details. We've really come to love that little place. Bill will be doing a set and his bud Mike McFadden will do a set and Bill and Mike will play together a bit. The always awesome Ira Marlowe will kick it all off. It should be a fun evening and there could be some new tunes or something...

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